6. PROFILE (ASCII multiple file processing)

6.1. General module descrition

CTOME also provide the module Profile. It is a program like Excel, Origin or Qtiplot for the data analysis in Engineering. It is especially adapted to the fast process of large dataset. This is especially useful for the user of Gleeble thermomechanical simulator, tensile machine and other equipment in metallurgy.

Data analysis tools including smoothing, interpolation, non-linear fitting, derivative, batch processing, output graphics, navigation, multiple operations, statistics


6.2. Tutorials

Refer to the videoes available on the webpage for the following operations.

  1. Getting started with PROFILE

  2. General description
    • Simple plotting of data from a single file
    • Loading multiple files simultaneously
  3. The modes of PROFILE
    • The Continuous Mode
    • The Multiple Y Mode
  4. Smoothing and interpolation
    • Smoothing data from a file
    • Smooth all the columns together ADJ. AVE
    • Reduce number of points by Interpolating all the columns together INTERP
    • Approximate trends by Interpolating all the columns together INTERP
  5. The functions
    • Application of a lever rule function
    • Evaluation of the True Stress True Strain curve from Gleeble compression tests
    • Evaluation of the multiple True Stress True Strain curves from Gleeble compression tests
  6. Fitting function
    • Introduction to fitting, Example with lognormal fitting
    • Linear fitting on a portion of the data
  7. Exporting data
    • Generate a figure
    • Save data into a new file with EXPORT
  8. Advance use of PROFILE
    • Easy way to derivate a series of data