2. Introduction

2.1. About CTOME

The documentation describes the various features and programs developed by CTOME and provides guidance for their use. It is made to be used as an educational support for a step by step exploration of the capabilities of the CTOME products. It includes only very basic background on the processing of data in metallurgy and on the analysis of ultrasound measurement in metals. It is recommended to refer to appropriate scientific literature available for more information about the Laser ultrasonic technology.

With the development of the laser ultrasonics technology dedicated to study in metallurgy, the materials scientists can measure in real time a wider range of microstructure parameters during a physical simulation. The inherent difficulty of calculating microstructure parameters from ultrasound measurements can constitute a strong limitation in the use of this technology. CTOME is developed as a analysis framework for the evaluation of microstructure parameters.

CTOME is computer software equipped with a Graphical User Interface. The user interacts with the data using a mouse and keyboard. Keyboard entries are used to input values or text in the readers. The user uses buttons and drop down to conduct all the steps of the processing. Results are output as a figures, pdf report and as an ASCII data file for further manual processing.

The software is dedicated to the processing of data in metallurgy. The software is being developed in the frame of research conducted in the Materials Engineering department at the University of British Columbia. CTOME is developed to be a powerful software for the metallurgical scientist that requires a fast access and treatment to large amount of data.

2.2. Getting help and updates

This documentation provides conceptual information on all key features of CTOME. Tutorial videos are also available in the section Tutorial at http://ctome.org/tutorials/. Contact thomas@ctome.org for specific requests or questions.

The products CTOME are regularly updated. These updates provides new features, bugs corrections and improvement in the usability suggested by users. They can be automatically downloaded from the web page at http://ctome.org/users/