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Welcome to the documentation of the CTOME software. This product is proposed by CTOME Inc., a spin-off company of the University of Bristish Columbia since 2014.


Laser ultrasonics for metallurgy (LUMet) is a novel Canadian technology that was developed at the National Research Council of Canada in Boucherville (QC, Canada) to the stage of a commercial sensor. In this non-destructive and non-contact technique, lasers are used for the generation and detection of ultrasound pulse in the material. Ultrasonic velocity and attenuation are measured and related to microstructure parameters. The LUMet system is designed as an attachment to a Gleeble thermo-mechanical simulator to routinely monitor microstructure evolution during laboratory simulated industrial processing cycles. The LUMet system is constructed by the company TECNAR Ltee and integrated to the Gleeble system by the company DSI Inc. It is used routinely in the laboratory to conduct metallurgical studies.

In order to further accelerate the transfer of the technology to industry, the company CTOME Inc. was created in 2015 as a spin-off of UBC, Vancouver (BC, Canada). The company as two objectives: i) to develop and improve the LUMet data processing software and ii) to train and assist the new industries purchasing the LUMet system. The present report is generated by the software CTOME for the analysis of Laser ultrasound signal applied to metallurgy studies. It integrates a number of selection criteria developed in UBC during a period of 6 years of exploitation of the LUMet system. It is made to assist the user in the adjustment of the software parameters and allows the metallurgist to focus on the use the technology with little or no background on ultrasound testing.

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