3. Starting with CTOME

3.1. Requirement

CTOME can be install on any windows 7/8 32 bit or 64 bit with the same installer available from ctome.org.

3.2. Installation

Follow these steps to install the CTOME software on Windows.

  1. Download the CTOME software from the download section of the page http://ctome.org/. After unzip, you can start the installation process by running the installer file. Allow the program to make change on the computer. In Windows 8, you are asked to show more info in order to push the button Run Anyway as Microsoft does not recognize the Publisher for the installer in its databases at this point. CTOME does not modify the system file of your computer.
  2. Install the CTOME program directly in the root of the disk C. Conserve the default install directory C:\CTOME\.
  3. The installer creates a directory and extract all necessary libraries and folders in the installation directory. Shortcut are installed in the desktop and in the start menu.
  4. Open the option file as suggested by the checked box. This file can also be access from the start menu. This is a text file containing options for the initial configuration. In the line 2 of the option.txt file, you can adjust the directory in which CTOME will be searching data for analysis. This can be any directory on your disk. The only restriction is that the directory name must not contain spaces. By default, the work directory is set to C:\CTOME\data.
  5. The CTOME data directory should be structured in a following manner for the software to access your data. The figure below illustrates how the data directory should be structured. You can create as many folder as you wants in the main directory, main subdirectory 1 for instance. Within each new folder, you will store new sub folders containing your data, subdirectory 1 in the figure below.

For instance, the main folder below is C:/Users/Thomas/Documents/CTOME and is shown in the figure below. The main subfolder MISCELLANEOUS contains several folders, i.e. 1CpsFathe, Al_Daan_stressflow, cct, chenlu, ... In the folder chenlu are two data files received from the Gleeble machine. It can be virtually any set of ASCII data structured with columns of number with a subheadings containing the column names.


ATTENTION LUMET USERS Lumet data should be located into a main subfolder called LUMFILE and within a folder with name that you have chosen for the specific sets of current experiments.

  1. CTOME can now be started from the shortcut created in the desktop or from the start menu. At first start, the following message will be prompt asking you to activate the software.
  2. After sending the activation file to thomas@ctome.org, you will be given a license file. Place this license file in the directory C:/CTOME/licence. The software should now be activated and ready to use.